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Here are some websites that RSK Geophysics recommend:

Our specialist utility detection and mapping service.

RSK Group
We are part of one of Europe's leading multidisciplinary environmental consultancies. Found out how we can help you.

Soils Structural Soils
Structural Soils offers other group services providing comprehensive site investigation and ground investigation services.

KeeleKeele University Applied and Environmental Geophysics Research Group
RSK Geophysics works in close collaboration with Keele University to undertake new applied geophysical research.

GeolsocGeological Society of London
The Geol Soc is the oldest national geological society in the world and the largest in Europe.

BGABritish Geophysical Association
Promotes the subject of geophysics in the UK.


BGANear Surface Geophysics Group
The NSGG encourages and supports the study and practice of near-surface geophysics in the UK. Our staff play an active role in the committee.

KeeleEuropean GPR Association
Promotes good practice in the use of GPR use throughout Europe.

BINTBritish Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
Non-destructive testing is a branch of engineering concerned with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws in materials.

BGAEuropean Association of Geoscientists and Engineers
EAGE is a professional association for geoscientists and engineers.

BGAEnvironmental and Engineering Geophysical Society: What is Geophysics?
EEGS is a society based in the US. This page provides a good overview in the use and benefits of environmental and engineering geophysics.

BGAThe Survey Association
TSA represents members specialising in land surveying and underground mapping. All our utility and land surveying work is undertaken in accordance with TSA guidance.

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